The preeminent forum on (r)evolution in retail and e-Commerce.

A one-day conference highlighting the innovations disrupting the retail and e-Commerce industry, the leaders making such innovations possible and how new technologies and business models will reinvent the industry. 


What's different?

  • Invite-only intimate guest list of C-suite leaders in innovation, corporate venture capital, strategy and IT, as well as founders of venture-backed startups and venture capitalists with domain level expertise.
  • One-on-one pitch sessions between startups and corporate venture capital and innovation executives from participating retailers to discuss potential customer relationships, strategic partnerships and, if appropriate, investment opportunities. 
  • Careful curation of insights, foresights and
    key learnings.
  • High level networking with domain level experts and leading dealmakers.
  • Unparalleled attendee experience
    for busy leaders. 

who should attend?

  • Corporations looking to network with peer corporate venture capital and innovation executives from a wide range of retail-based companies. Meet with dozens of the hottest startups innovating in the industry.
  • Venture capitalists interested in connecting with C-suite executives from top corporations capable of becoming significant customers, strategic partners, investors or potential acquirers of their portfolio companies.
  • Startups ready to network with leading retailers and investors. Meet with potential customers, strategic partners, investors and acquirers. Apply to pitch one-on-one with participating retailers. 

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